Evolutionary Crystal Therapy

So, how do I move forward on "the path to Rome"?
In other words, where do we start when we want to have a more direct experience of our True, boundless nature - as Light flowing through Form - so we can heal and "live into" our true potential?
Note: If these sentences seem cryptic or strange to you, click here to get the connection☺.

As mentioned previously, transformation of any kind will always have an element of chaos with it ,even though the change is for the better (for instance from sick to healthy/from ignorant to wise/from a sense of restriction to a feeling of limitlessness).
This is because something must be removed or broken down, to make place for a fresh experience of Life at a higher and more enjoyable level, which brings with it a new state of increased order and harmony.
So, from this standpoint we have established that chaos can be a good (if uncomfortable) companion in our lives when change, evolution or growth is needed.

Ok, I am game! How do I handle the discomfort, though?
Remember that I promised to tell you more about constructive ways to handle the discomfort of the "Force Field" of change?☺
Crystals are one of the tools that can really help you with this!♥
Generally speaking, all crystals and minerals will affect you to a certain degree (for further explanation, see below), but in the regard of helping you move through the stresses of change and expansion, there are in my experience some specific crystals that are particularly helpful.

They fall into 3 categories. Crystals that:
- 1. stimulate a breakthrough to a higher level of consciousness (generally a quite forceful sensation)
- 2. wrap you in a feeling of unconditional Love
- 3. grounds the excess tension-energy into the body and integrates the higher energies, so your nerves are soothed and you feel more balanced.

There are quite a few that could fit into these categories, but here are the ones that feauture at the top of my list, in each category:
- 1. Moldavite, Libyan Gold Tektite, Herderite, clear Azeztulite and Aqua Aura
- 2. Star Rose Quartz, Angel Aura and Crystalline Rose Quartz (Rose Quartz formed as tiny crystals)
- 3. Red Jasper and Sugilite

What would be the best to use, is somewhat individual, but on a general basis I would recommend either one type of crystal alone from either of the categories, or a crystal from category 1 or 3, together with a crystal from category 2.
I will give you some examples of combinations, to make it clear:
- Libyan Gold Tektite with Star Rose Quartz
- Moldavite with Angel Aura
- Aqua Aura with Crystalline Rose Quartz
- Herderite with Star Rose Quartz
- Red Jasper with Star Rose Quartz
- Sugilite with Angel Aura
Note: Although I am suggesting that you stick to one or two types of crystals at a time, it doesn't mean that you can't use several of each individual type, and that you can switch around a bit, compared to the situation.
For instance; I often wear Moldavite or Libyan Gold Tektite in my jewelry during the day (to lift me up and push me forward), but when I am going to sit down to write, my favorite combination is 2 pieces of Red Jasper + 2 pieces of Star Rose Quartz (to ground my visions into form with support from the energy of Unconditional Love).☺ ♥

That sounds wonderful! But by what principles do the Crystals influence us?
To understand how this works, the first thing you need to know is how other:
- People
- Beings (birds, animals, trees, flowers, etc.)
- Objects(Crystals, etc.)
affect us.

Anything that has a similar structure to us (as human beings), will influence us in some way.
This is because of the mechanism of resonance, where two or more objects (beings, people) with a similar physical structure will naturally harmonize their vibration when they are in close proximity to each other.
How does that happen, exactly?
In our everyday awareness, many things appear solid; our bodies appear solid, a chair appears solid and a crystal definitely appears solid! This can be decribed as "the Universe seen at a macro-level".
Particles (and more specifically elementary particles), are the smallest building blocks in the created world, representing "the Universe seen at the micro-level".
Seen from this level, everything is in movement; it "wiggles", vibrates and oscillates 1.
When you know this, it is not so difficult to understand how seemingly solid and fixed things will respond to the mechanism of resonance, when they are physically close to each other.
Okay, but how does this work practically?
I will give you an example that you should be able to identify with ☺:
- A person that has a serious depression sits next to you on the subway. Even though you don't talk or communicate with the person at all, you will be affected, probably by feeling more heavy of heart or getting a headache.
If you are initially in a good state of being when the depressed person sits down, they too will be noticeably affected, probably by feeling lighter in some way. This happens through the automatic mechanism of resonance; one goes up, the other goes down, and they meet somewhere in the middle.

I recognize that - but, hey! How do Crystals have a similar structure to us humans?
Remember: We are Conscious Light flowing through our physical body.♥
This body then consists of an astounding 55-78% water (Wow, right?)! ☺
Both Water and Light are also very important components in the growth and formation/creation of many types of Crystals in the Earth.
I'll give you an example:
Quartz-based Crystals are often created quite close to the Earth's surface (like Clear Crystal, Rose Quartz, Citrin, Amethyst and more).
This happens when rain or other water saturates the sand or earth, so that it dissolves the minerals that are there, creating a liquidy solution containing both the water and the dissolved sand/earth (minerals).
When the weather conditions change, and intense sunlight hits the surface of the Earth, the water evaporates, and crystals start slowly forming 2.
With this in mind, it is incredibly interesting that a new and groundbreaking research on water,
shows that when water is exposed to Light (Visible, ultraviolet or infrared),
the Light orders much of the water in a structure that is something in between water and ice;
a very crystalline structure (like you can see in ice crystals), yet liquidy (although with more "body" than bulk water). This is suggested as a Fourth phase of Water (the other three are liquid, gas and ice) 3.
So we see that Crystals have similar structures as us (seen from a micro-level), particularly with the water in our body and the conscious Light that flows through it.
Which brings me to knowledge obtained by our elders, through different means than science, namely:

"Crystal" comes from The Greek word "Krystallos" ~ which means "Frozen Light"!
To many, this has seemed fanciful, or even a bit simple - but cutting edge science is about to prove them right (in that it looks like it is the Light/radiant energy that organizes the water in crystalline forms - in a different ground state than ice - but similar to ice).
Wow, that is fascinating, I can see how this works! But why are the resonant energies of the Crystals good for me?
Aah! Now we come to it! ☺ As we established in the beginning, all change/growth/evolution brings with it an element of Chaos, fragmentation, instability and discomfort, which makes it very difficult for us to "brave the Forcefield of Change"!
Crystals have highly Ordered and harmonious (symmetrical) molecular arrangements, are one of the most stable structures we know about (which is why it is used in a lot of technology),and has a very inter-connected and whole composition.
Can you see the polarities (chaos/order, instability/stability, fragmentation/wholeness)?
This makes Crystals a great choice when you are in a state of Change and Chaos (as they give off a very welcome vibration of Order and Stability), and the best thing is that they don't stop your evolution, growth or change!
Hope this has left you more EnLightened on the topic, and that it will help you on your way!

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