Wanting to know more about Holistic Therapies - but are confused from all the different information you are reading?

You're not alone😊 💖!

The good news is: ☆I can help you get "in the-know" ☆!
Although one of the wonderful things about Crystal Therapy and Flower Essence Therapy is that there is an incredible amount of options (so there is no chance of getting bored easily!), there is definitely some key information that will make it much easier for you to understand the basic principles 😊.

The first thing to understand is that:
Different rules apply for different situations (this is particularly true for Crystals).
Sounds logical, right, but what do I mean by that exactly?
The natural first questions most people ask about using Crystals are:
- "What Crystal or Crystals are right for me?"
- "How many can I use at a time?"

This depends on:
1. If you are having a Therapy session: Here you are completely held and taken care of, and ideally you feel so safe and relaxed that you let go of all tensions and protective shields 💖. You are also closely monitored, so in this situation it is both okay and appropriate to use many different Crystals - including powerful ones, (like Tektites, Aqua Aura, Selenite, Spectrolite and Angel Aura), to stimulate deep healing and transformation.

2. If you are out and about:
If you are "out and about" ; at work, studies, out with friends or at the mall, other rules apply. In these situations, you would use a lot less Crystals, usually max. 5 different types at a time (although you can have more, if you have many of the same type of Crystal).
More than this would typically start too many processes, both because you actually need to be alert and have your wits about you, and because the body hasn't got the capacity to deal with too much inner change when you also largely need to relate and act in the outer world.
Then it is better to use a few select Crystals that for instance supports you in; focusing (Clear Quartz), holding your boundaries (Yellow Fluorite), changing bad or unhelpful habits (Titanium Aqua Aura), staying calm under pressure (Aquamarine), or protecting yourself from chaotic energies (Rose quartz or Black Tourmaline).
If you want to wear a High Frequency Crystal when you are out, I recommend one of the Tektites, like Moldavite or Libyan Gold Tektite.
Crystals that are very activating on the 3rd eye, are safer to avoid when you are out among a lot of people (like Clear Spectrolite), because it can give you a headache (from sensory overload).

3. If you are at home or in another sheltered/sacred space:
This is when it is good to for instance lay down and do some meditation with a Crystal that is opening on the 3rd eye, like Spectrolite and Aqua Aura, or sit and meditate, do mindfulness practice or sit cross-legged in a yoga position with some Crystals in your palms (here Angel Aura can be blissful). Alternately you can put a handful of Hematites under your pillow if you have difficulties sleeping (in my experience, this helps about 80% of people that try it for insomnia). As you are now in a protected space, you can again work with the Crystals more actively for deeper inner transformation if you choose to - so if you wish, you can lay down and place a full chakra set on your body (7-10 Crystals), or similar.

4. Are you wearing them on your person or are you placing them in the room?:
It is different if you have the Crystals in the room or if you have them on your person. A Crystal that you wear on your person generally has a stronger and more personalized effect, because each Crystal has a certain circumference where you feel it stronger (like we humans do also).
That said, we often have clusters or larger pieces for room-decoration, that also naturally emit energy in a larger area. When you choose a Crystal for a room in the house, the ideal thing is if you find the "sweet-spot" between what you find really beautiful, and which energies you would like to enhance in the room. For instance, Celestite has a beautiful range of duck-egg-blue, and has a wonderful peaceful energy, that is great for the bedroom. Depending upon your nature and your age, you might also want this in your living room. Generally, though, I would suggest something like a Clear Crystal Cluster or a standing Crystal Quartz point - to bring energy and clarity to that space.

To sum it all up:
- When you have a Crystal Therapy session it is possible and appropriate to work with a large number and many different Crystals at once, to stimulate a profound and powerful transformation and healing.
- When you are out and about, it is best to work with a few choice Crystals that are supportive to the more active part of your life.
- When you are at home or in another sheltered/sacred space, you can again use Crystals that are more transformative if you wish, but generally fewer than you would in a Therapy setting.
- A Crystal that you wear on your person generally has a stronger more personalized effect, and a larger room-Crystal has a more generalized effect on the room, but a bigger range of impact.

If you are ready to try it out, feel free to jump off the internet immediately to try it out!

If, however, you still can't quite wrap your mind around why Crystals or Flower Essences should have an effect on you or on the space you are living in, you might want to read on 😊

We are not who we believe ourselves to be
We have been taught to believe that, we as humans, are physical beings first and foremost, with consciousness arising from within the activity of the brain.
Nothing before, and nothing after. 1 Anything else has been placed under the labels Faith or Fantasy.

This view or understanding of who we are has mainly come through exploring ourselves and our surroundings through the viewpoint of science and scientific methodology.
Well, what's wrong with that? Nothing on the surface, because science is known to give us fact-based, non-partial answers. But is that really true, and are we even asking the right questions?
The original aim of science is a noble one: to further the advancement of human kind and to be the bearer of Objective Truth. It has unquestionably furthered the advancement of the human kind by giving us wonderful and incredibly useful technologies in many different fields, but when it comes to being the bearer of the absolute Truth, science has definite limitations. Those limitations are absolutely essential for us to recognize, as they have the ability to hinder us in recognizing who and what we are, and so run a high risk of not only falling spectacularly short of our individual potentials, but also failing to recognize the wonder and beauty of who we truly are!
Let me explain:

Facts vs. Fantasy
What is Fact and what is Fantasy (really)?
In the not-too-distant past a Scientific Fact used to be considered as something you could observe for yourself with your 5 senses (see, hear, feel, smell or taste). Anything else would be put in the "box" of Fantasy or Faith.
That isn't held as True anymore.
We still use Science as our tool for deciding if something is real or not. But as new technological innovations have revealed things in existence that are waaay out of the range of the 5 human senses (for instance infrared-light, ultrasound, quantum mechanics, etc.), our bar of labeling something as an objective Fact is when there is established a current Scientific Consensus about it (which just means that the majority of scientists agree that it is the Truth, at the moment).
Any one of us that thinks about the above statement carefully will see the contradiction in this, and recognize that we would do well to consider the possibility that some things might be perfectly True, although science doesn't recognize it as such, in the present moment.
So, where am I going with this,

What are the right questions, anyway?
Given the above mentioned, why would most of us, as intelligent beings, still choose to rely solely on an incomplete system for deciding what is ultimately real, and even more important, what we are?
How did we get here?

The thing is: from infancy through early childhood we are like sponges; learning and absorbing from our surroundings how to filter the world around us, basically taking everything at face value without distinguishing what is right or wrong. What we are taught to pay close attention to repeatedly (focus on), then creates lasting changes in our brain maps. 2
Simply explained, this forms an outer framework of fundamental beliefs in our unconscious (subconscious) minds, that all of our reality rests on; like a barrier of glass we mostly can't see.
Within that framework we learn, grow and change relatively easily.
But if we are presented with an idea that belongs outside the boundaries of these Truths, and we are excited enough about it to try and fit it into our existing Belief system, it will feel like we are banging up against an invisible force-field!
So, why does this happen, what are the underlying powers at work?
Well, the force-field is created between the existing belief and the new idea, or between what is and what can be.
In other words, there is a state of Separation in our minds, a lack of Unity that creates chaos and discomfort; we are at odds with ourselves!
So what is our first impulse when we feel the tension of the field that our inner split is creating? To get away from it!
Our inborn state is Unity and Harmony, a condition we are naturally drawn back towards.
This is usually a good thing, Unity and Harmony are beautiful and healthy traits ♥
But if we want to grow, evolve and integrate new beliefs - we have to be willing to go where we have not been before, to step into the temporary feelings of Chaos that exists outside our comfort-zone. If we do not, the road ahead will be blocked for us: we will not change.
Alas, this is true for the majority of people most of the time: they do not change their chore-beliefs. Mostly because it is patterns of reaction they are unaware of in themselves (they just subconsciously move away from the "force-field" and back into their comfort-zone), but also because this mechanism is unknown to them; it comes from the dark room of their unconscious mind.
In effect, we are partly blind men & women who are unaware of our condition, but nevertheless, suffer the consequences from it.♥
Truth be told, though, if the alteration is big - it is not particularly easy to face the Tension of Change bravely and steadily at first pop, even when you do know about the mechanism, because it is so incredibly uncomfortable! More than once I have felt myself squirm and had an immediate urge to distract myself and do something else entirely (or alternately calm myself down with chocolate ☺), before I remember what is at stake, and that I know of more constructive ways to deal with this (more on this later).
What this all boils down to, is that most people will stay inside the framework of the Fundamental Beliefs that they have been taught in childhood, because it takes awareness, bravery and courage to willingly enter the force-field of Change!
So when we have been taught in childhood that

Scientific findings = Truth
Everything else = Faith or Fiction,

most of us will continue to believe this to some degree the rest of our lives, even though Scientific Consensus is something that changes more or less all the time!
This is because our underlying beliefs are so much a part of us, something that just is, so we don't think to question how paradoxical it is, and consider how much it limits the scope of our experiences in life.
Because (somewhat) outside this paradigm there is one truth about who and what we are that is vitally important to get, if we are to move into our full potential, namely:

We are Conscious Light temporary bound in human form!
Our consciousness does not arise from within the body!
The body is a receiver, and a vehicle for our consciousness to flow through and express in the physical world.
To use a comparable analogy that most of us living in the modern world can relate to, let me give you some examples that are easy to understand:
- When we use a TV, a telephone, radio or the Internet, we readily accept that the signals going through these devices are coming from somewhere else, outside the actual physical object.
If you said that you were going to take apart a TV to try to understand where the signals came from, people would think you were a bit slow or uneducated (unless you were a child).
Sure, you could open and analyze the inside of the TV, see which parts would light up with different actions and so forth, which would seem to make some sense. But the origin of those signals are coming from somewhere else, from outside the physical object that is the TV, which means you will be working from a seriously flawed belief of what a TV is and how it works. 3
Same with a telephone, radio or a PC that is hooked up to the Internet. The hardware (physical object) will have technical circuits, switches, knobs, batteries, etc. - but unless they receive an outside signal, those objects would be practically useless.
Likewise, without a receptor (like a TV, telephone, radio, PC, smartphone, etc), the signals are there, but it would be hard to access them.
It is therefore just as nonsensical to try and understand the fullness of who we are by only looking at what neurons flash on and off in the brain and the body, as it is to understand what a TV is by just studying what things connect and switch on and off inside the actual apparatus of the TV, as long as you are ignorant of the fact that the signals of picture, sound and information are coming from a different, non-physical source.
At this point, you might rightly say:

Well..., OK..., but why do you say that this non-physical Source equals Conscious Light?
For me this truth presented itself as a Direct Insight, a crystal clear burst of understanding that came as an answer to my inner questions about some incongruencies in the results of my work (things that didn't add up compared to the things that I had been taught).
At one level, the thought or insight is not really a new one, many of the ancient wisdom-traditions and world religions have stated that "We are Light".
Yet, even those who feel this is true, mostly think of this as an allegorical statement, a picture that describes an inner state - not something that can be connected to knowledge found through scientific enquiry (probably because science and religion/spiritual belief mostly has been thought of as incompatible; you choose one or the other).
It therefore doesn't occur to most people to investigate the known physical qualities of light (from our understanding so far), to see if this could be literally true.
Let us look at some of the things we know so far about Light/photons (the quanta of Light), that are most relevant to this question:

When we die (when the Conscious LightBody dis-attaches from the physical body), almost all the above stated activity comes to an end. This should give us a clue, and should at least open us up to the possibility of that we are Conscious Light temporary bound in human form.

Yes! But what does this have to do with "moving into" our full potential?
If you accept that you are Light right here and now (not only in Spirit, but also embodying the known properties of Light/photons), there are soo many implications that has the potential to take you beyond anything you have ever dreamed of being or achieving!
We have been taught to think of ourselves as finite, intrinsically flawed beings, selfish by nature and fundamentally separated from everything that is High and Beautiful.
In Essence, this is not True! Yes, we can experience ourselves and our surroundings like that if these are our chore beliefs, but when we really start to have a direct and continous experience of being conscious Light flowing through form, sensing our inborn boundlessness - we get the first taste of how incredibly expansive and wonderful life could feel like if we weren't limited by our own belief structures! ♥

So, how do we do something about that, how do we become whole again (heal)?
There is a saying that "There are many paths to Rome" ♥, and this is also true in this case. But if you are eager to get "walking" and "moving forward" on one of those roads, Click here to find out more about a few powerful " paths" that will get you on your way to that destination! ☺

Whomever undertakes
to set himself up 
as judge
in the field of 
Truth and Knowledge,
is shipwrecked by
the laughter of the Gods.

(Albert Einstein)

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