Flower Essence Therapy

The History of Flower Essence Therapy
Like Crystal Therapy, Flower Essence Therapy in its various forms is an ancient practice, found in all corners of the Globe, and is based on the principle that certain flowers and plants have properties that can be beneficial to our health.

One of the first prominent and widely respected western people who described some of these practices in her written work was Saint Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179).
Amongst several descriptions on how to use objects found in nature to bring about healing, she explains how they would spread whole bedsheets over dewy fields of certain wildflowers, gather the Flower Essence dew in the sheet, and bring it back to wrap around the person who was ill.

In recent times, Flower Essences was introduced in its current form by Dr. Edward Bach, and as a result of his skill, Flower Essence therapy has now become quite widely used, and many different producers have come on the market. I mostly use the Flower Essences from "Australian Bush Flower Essences".
These are generally made from wild flowers growing in remote places, that have had to survive in harsh conditions (which means that only the ones with the highest life-force survives).
This translates into high potency!
Interestingly, there has been a number of clinical studies with Australian Bush Flower Essences, to establish if the results are consistent, and if they can be used safely with other medications (if they have contraindications).
It was found that they can be used safely with any other medications and are otherwise reliable in their effects.
As a result of this study, 16 hospitals across Australia are now offering these essences to their patients, to assist with stress- and pain management.

I also use other Essence series if needed, amongst others the South African Flower Essence series, which was made on Table Mountain.
Table Mountain has more species of plants than in all of Great Britain and Ireland together, and has the most diverse botanical zone on Earth (for its size) - with many species that are unique to the area.
It is also considered a huge Power Point on the planet, which comes through in the Essences.
This series also has a very feminine and soft vibration, so you could say that these Essences transform powerfully through Gentleness!

How are Flower Essences made?
A Flower Essence is made by immersing a whole flower in water and leaving it there for several hours. This is done with the objective to transfer the Essence of the Flower and its structural information to the water 1.
The flower is then removed, and the water is mixed with as much alcohol as there is water (usually Brandy or Cognac).
This has two purposes; 1. As a preservative, to ensure that the tiny particles of the flower will not mold over time, 2. So that the Flower Essence will hit the bloodstream faster when we use it.

How do we use it?
The Flower Essence can be taken orally (through the mouth) by placing 7 drops under the tongue, or applied topically by smearing a few drops directly on the skin.
Usually, it is taken 2 times a day:
1. Upon rising in the morning (preferably on an empty stomach)
2. Right before going to bed in the evening.

However, sometimes it can be desirable to take it a 3rd time in the middle of the day, depending on the issue that is being worked upon (here consultation is usually needed, because this is dependent on the individual too).
Some of the Essences work very well in a Spray-format as well, for instance the Angelsword Essence (from Australian Bush Flower Essences), that is very purifying. This format is great (!) to use for instance if you feel drained by other people on a trip to the mall, to clear a space quickly or to re-balance yourself after an uncomfortable episode with a colleague.
So, as you can see, Flower Essences are pretty versatile in their use!

1. That water has the ability to hold information, is still quite controversial, but interestingly enough, the research into this has now got a new champion, the Nobel prize Laureate Luc Montagnier, who claims he has successfully transmitted DNA-structural signals to water (Ref: The Fourth Phase of Water, Gerald H. Pollack, p.368.4 - eBook). To me it is not surprising, as water has a very crystalline nature, and also contains radiant energy (electromagnetic energy). Crystals or components of crystals (silicon), have been and are used in many different technologies because of their ability to receive, hold and transfer on information. In fact, the fastest information transfer used at this moment, Optic Cables, uses Light (radiant energy) transferred through tiny glass cylinders of pure SiO2/Silicon Dioxide/Crystal.

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