Evolutionary Crystal Therapy

What it is - Who it can help - How it works

Although Crystals and Gems have been utilized by humans for their therapeutic properties and powers for Eons 1, Crystal Therapy as it is used today is a relatively new discipline, that the average person has not heard very much about.

Although it is safe to say that "one shoe" does not fit all, I have found through 15 years of practice that Crystal Therapy can really assist many people of all ages with clearing a wide range of imbalances and ailments 2, as well as with expanding their consciousness and ability to learn. Crystal Therapy can also help our animal companions like cats, dogs and horses (althoug the application is a bit different than for humans).
I am therefore venturing to present a description of what Crystal Therapy is to the total novice, as well as giving new and interesting information to the advanced practitioner:

(Note: If you prefer to learn by listening, I will be presenting the following text in video format, available in the near future).

To most people with a modern Western mindset, it is not immediately obvious how and why Crystals would help us heal, even when they are given a general explanation.
As I have come to see it, the reason for this is mainly due to two quite simple facts:
1. The foundation of Crystal Therapy is built on a Holistic worldview/paradigm, which sees all the levels of our being as interconnected (body, mind, emotions and spirit), and therefore important to treat as one.
This has not been the case in our Western worldview, which has traditionally seen these parts as separate from each other, and therefore to be dealt with individually (although this is indeed changing in new and exciting ways).
2. A lot of the principles of Crystal Therapy have their origins in the Eastern traditions 3 , and therefore operates with Sanskrit terminology, which is a language we are unfamiliar with.
Put these two facts together, and it becomes quite clear that both the worldview and the language normally used to explain Crystal Therapy are foreign to us, so naturally the concepts that are presented become harder to grasp.
I am therefore not going to proceed along the most trodden path, but cut a new trail, which I hope you will find both interesting and helpful I will attempt to "translate" the principles of Crystal Therapy into a model that is easier to understand for a person with a Western mindset, which is to say that I will partly be using scientific terminology. You could say that I am trying to merge the understanding of the Rational Mind (Western worldview) with the inner knowing of Mystical Heart (Eastern worldview), to hopefully give you the best of both worlds ♥

How and Why it works:
1. The human body consists of an astounding 55-78% water 4, distributed throughout our body, with the highest concentration in the brain, heart, lungs, skin, muscles, kidneys and bone  5. When water is fresh and pure, it has an inherent ordered and crystalline structure (six-sided/hexagonal), which can be most readily seen when we look at magnified pictures of snowflakes and ice-crystals,

formed from healthy water (see picture to the right for reference 6). Polluted or unhealthy water, on the other hand, has little or no order, and will form broken structures or no structures at all, when it freezes to snow or ice 7.
So, why are these ordered structures important to us?

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