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Need my assistance, and want to book an appointment?
The therapy sessions I give usually lasts about 4 hours in total, and are built up in a way that (in my experience) will help you the best and shift you the fastest. ♥

I usually start with Clairvoyant counselling (which also could be called Clairvoyant coaching). This part is meant to guide you in seeing the different layers of your situation/imbalance/illnes, pinpointing mind-body-spirit-emotions connections you haven't seen before, as well as helping you to empower and make new choices and habits that serve you better.
This part is also geared towards helping you to learn how to access your own Inner Wisdom. Because although it can be absolutely invaluable to get assistance and guidance at the right moment, it is ultimately you that have the responsibility for the choices you make in your life, and it does not serve you to rely too heavily on outside guidance in the long run, because you put yourself in a position of disempowerment, and this is not in alignment with who you truly are. ♥

If I think that taking one of the Flower Essences will help you, I will recommend that you take a single essence or a combination essence at home, to support you between the sessions, or alternately after you are done here.
Occasionally I will also give you drops of a Flower Essence during the therapy session.
Note: Any drops that you get in the session are included in the price, but if you decide to follow my recommendation on a single or combination Flower Essence blend that I mix for you personally, this is in addition.
The price for a Single Essence is 150,- kr/£ 13/€ 15/USD 19.
The price for an Essence Blend is 200,- kr./£19/€20/USD 26

If you would like to know more about Flower Essences, click here ♥).

Last, but not least, the Crystal Therapy session follows. Physically this is built on the principle of strengthening the immune system, to kick-start and speed up the bodies innate healing abilities  1.
In addition, work is done in the LightBody/Energy bodies, to clear blocks and interruptions in the flow of your Emotional Body, Mental Body and Spiritual Body. This work will also bring extra support to you, if we have decided together that changing some of your mental-emotional patterns will serve you, as it shifts some of the rigidity that follows old, well used patterns of behavior.
(If you would like to know more about Crystal Therapy, click here ♥).
We will finish off with a short conversation about the Crystal Therapy session after we are done, and assess if any more sessions are needed.

The cost of this 4 hour Therapy session is 1.500,- kr/£ 140/€ 150/USD 190
How many sessions you need will be individual, but on a general basis I would say that the people who need only 1 session, would be a person who is generally well balanced and in good physical health, but has had a hard period of work or similar. Otherwise a minimum of 2-3 sessions are needed, and more often 3-5, or more if the physical condition is severe (or the mental-emotional patterns that need changing are long standing). If you like, we could discuss approximately how many sessions would be needed before you decide to start, so that you know if it is something that you can commit to. Coming once will help you, certainly - but change often takes time and a certain degree of repetition, to establish new patterns of energy, habits and beliefs.

To book an appointment, please contact me on azita@essenzadivina.com, or call me on tel: +47 969 19 071

 1: Crystal Therapy and Flower Essence Therapy are "Complimentary therapies", intended to be used in addition to consulting with your regular doctor/MD, when needed..

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