Hi! My name is Azita Kashani

Have you noticed:
We are living in a time of great collective change!

This means that there is a lot of unrest and chaos in the world around us. The old structures must be torn down, if we are to make room for the new to grow: we are in a "make it or break it" period of planetary evolution.
At a personal level, each one of us also experiences more chaos in our lives, that for instance can take the form of illness, stress, fear, confusion or lack of ability to realize our dreams(!).
Because of this, we sometimes need help in healing the different aspects of ourselves, as well as to learn about what it is that is stopping us in reaching our full potential.♥
It is my passion and my honor to assist you with this, through all the different modalities of my work!

The primary tools I use are Holistic Therapies; Crystal Therapy, Flower Essence Therapy and Clairvoyant Counselling, which I find to be a very powerful combination for shifting fast.
I also find great joy in "spreading the Bliss" through offering 1-to-1 mentoring in Crystal Therapy and Clairvoyant Counselling educations - an intensive 1-year Diploma courses for people who wish to become practitioners themselves (if you want to know more about this, click here) ☺

My background:
I was initially schooled in Business, and my first career was in Business and Administration. Then the onset of a serious illness brought me to some profound insights, that came from asking myself "what am I doing with my time, given that I might not have long left to live? What will my contribution have been when I leave this planet?"
The answer to that propelled me to make a radical life-change by retraining as a Crystal Therapist, which also became a vital part of my healing. Shortly after I continued to expand my training to first include Clairvoyant Counselling, then Flower Essence Therapy (so as to be able to serve in a greater capacity).
By now I have worked full time with this for 16 years, and have been blessed enough to share my work in Norway, the UK, Germany and Italy (through therapies, workshops, educations, lectures, tv-interview, Sacred tours and more).
Note:   A special Thanks to my initial teacher in Crystal Therapy and Clairvoyance, Lone Hertz (Copenhagen - Denmark) ♥ In addition to giving me a wonderful education, she was a shining example of walking her talk and having the Highest integrity, even when situations where challenging. An invaluable extra lesson that I also strive to bring through in my work♥

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there are 100's of ways
to kneel and kiss the ground.